*update re. changes, changes, changes*

Hello folks,

Yep! A quick update! 🙂

1. My new company name is nearing its complete formulation…. very soon!! I’m excited about this!

2. My new work email: heartofoak@gmail.com…. the dianasbowalchemy@ gmail- that’ll be kept as my personal email. Means what? If you’d like to contact me & schedule a session, ask queries, whatnot… then please contact me at this email: heartofoak@gmail.com.

3. Last but not the least! I’ve been in the process of getting ready to uproot from portland (pdx) & go on walkabout… time crunch’s really kicking in esp right now & my focus has been on that- getting ready – other than intentionally setting aside time for specific folks I need to see before I leave portland. Many thanks for understanding, truly appreciated!!

I’ll write more of an update soon!

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