~Vendor@ Imagine Fest, Orcas Island, WA~ Full Moon lunar Eclipse in Pisces

image image image

Hello folx~

Wifi is a bit spotty here at the island yet I’ve been able to post these pics. Yay! The first two photos I took at my vendor spot here in the Market area at Imagine Fest. It’s a lovely space. A lot of music and good vibes here, excited to see what more Magic unfolds and manifests here 🙂

Definitely I’m feeling this Piscean Full moon Lunar eclipse with Mars and Chiron squaring the moon. Intense, deep energy. Indeed!

Sending Full moon blessings to everyone out there! Be gentle and kind with your selves and everyone else, please. <3

Ill be on the island til Monday then travelling southwards from orcas island. Thankees you for understanding if there’s any delays with communication, etc. Mercury goes direct the 22nd sept, so there’s that too 😉

blessings, light and love!


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