*** Venus in Scorpio Retrograde readings STILL available til oct 29th, 2018***

Greetings lovely folx!

Just a gentle and quick reminder: Venus in Scorpio Retrograde readings via tarot, runes, and natal (birth) chart  are STILL available NOW until oct. 30th!

Please note that Venus will still be Retrograde on All Hallows’ aka Samhain night ~ transiting into Libra at that time. So, if you want to have a Scorpio Venus tuning into type of read, then please book ‘em stat with me prior to All Hallows’ night.

I can get your sessions (email and/or video chat) schedule and sent/done by oct 29th-30th, by MIDNIGHT, PST~ pacific standard time.

Please note in your bookings which you prefer ~ email, video chat, or even local in-person (if you’re at the Portland Oregon Area).

I’ve reserved October 30-nov 1st for my personal time tuning into this season since it’s my Witchy new year.

I will be offering Venus in libra Retrograde focused readings ~ starting on November 2nd until the 16th or so of Nov. Venus will start station direct by the 16th then become fully forward direct by the end of November. It takes time for that cosmic energy to shift etc.

Thankees for your understanding and patience. I appreciate y’all and your support as always of my woo workings. I look forward to co-creating some magickyness with y’all!

Blessings! * whoooosh Fae dust, sparkle *

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