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Venus Retrograde 2017: Karma, Relationships and the Ties that Bind

Love is a wonderful beautiful thing—until things get complicated.

It’s time to embark upon Venus Retrograde 2017 and get more in tune with the complicated sides of love, desire, beauty, passion and our deepest values. The tale of what happens when Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde is quite karmic and has everything to do with matters of the heart. Venus, after all, loves to love.

But the truth of the matter is that Venus isn’t always so bubbly sweet.

She has a desirous side which isn’t talked about that much. Just like people have many different facets to their personalities, the planets do too. This is where the complicated part of the story comes into play.

Venus is the planet that helps us get in touch with all those things we really love and care about. Sometimes we get to find those things easily, while other times it can take a while to find what we’re really looking for. The operation of Venus through the zodiac helps to speed up the process. The only caveat is that things can get rather complicated along the way. This is most apparent during Venus retrograde periods. Relationships need to evolve and in order for that to happen they have to be put to the Venus test.

Venus retrograde 2017 will be in effect from March 4 until April 15, 2017.

An important story will unravel all throughout this 6 week period and it’s important to be aware of it. What’s most crucial to remember is not to make big decisions regarding love, money and partnerships till after April 15th, 2017. The full story of what Venus needs to reveal won’t be totally uncovered till then, which is the point of her direct motion.

Venus goes retrograde approximately every 18 months or so. When she does, it’s never an ordinary time. It’s a karmic time when things align in just the right way to tempt fate and tip the scales to the point of no return.Wild love affairs of passion are born and we can end up meeting people we are karmically connected to. Things we never thought possible can come to pass—but there might be a price attached.

The past likes to resurface during Venus retrograde periods.

Whenever we have to revisit the past we’re thrown back onto the karmic wheel which is precisely what Venus retrogrades represent. A positive to keep in mind, however, is that soul growth and karma are attached to one another. Soul growth can take an emotional toll though. Decisions may need to be made on whether to go back and make things better or put a finale on things once and for all. Whatever the case, an opportunity presents itself to make peace with the past.

Venus retrogrades are also known for temptations because desire can run very strong.

Some decide to take dangerous dares that they wouldn’t in ordinary circumstances. There are more occurrences of cheating during Venus retrograde than any other time period. People are lured into false illusions that something could be better on the other side. It’s not just lovers that get tempted, matters of any type of partnership or connectivity can go through the same process.

This is a time when we get to see whether or not the grass is really greener on the other side. Sometimes we get to be the person that leaves and other times we get to play the role of the one left behind. Emotions will always play apart of this because both sides have a difficult journey ahead.

Sometimes the grass is greener INITIALLY. But after the illusion wanes and reality sets in, it becomes apparent that it’s really not. Think of a child running through a candy shop…. eating all the sweets his little heart desires. But not too long afterward, his stomach starts to hurt and he gets sick. “Why oh why did I just do that?”

No matter what our situations, Venus asks some very important questions when she goes through her vulnerable retrograde.

“What is most important?”

“What means most?”

“Am I being valued in the way I want?”

Venus retrograde is a time where an important story of the heart is told. The story that helps us answer what matters most. She pushes us to find the answers in our own lives. Important discoveries need to be made during this important 6 week period. We can expect heart strings to be pulled through the process. Relationships will begin to be seen for what they really are.

Relationships aren’t the only thing that gets tested during Venus Retrograde.

Money tension can surface and our value system comes under scrutiny.

Some of us may end up reassessing our worth and whether or not we’re getting properly compensated for all that we do. An important balancing act comes into play regarding what we really want and what we have. Wants vs. Needs. Remember that tempestuous side will be in play, so be careful of making expensive purchases. We might change our minds on whether or not we really need such a high ticket item once Venus goes direct.

Matters of beauty and anything involving our look come under scrutiny.

Reassessment about how we look likes to surface during Venus retrograde. Thoughts about getting a new look or doing something different with ourselves – façade wise – ramps up. The energy at hand can help us take steps to restore confidence in our self-image department.

Astrologically, I’d recommend waiting till after April 15, 2017, to do anything drastic (botox, plastic surgery, expensive treatments, etc). Beautifying results can fall short of expectations while the planet of beauty moves back.

Venus also has connections to our health.

Her retrograde period is a good time to look at whether or not you’re taking care of yourself in the way you should. Maybe we’ve been caught up in helping others and started to neglect ourselves. This upcoming period is going to be a great time to focus on your health.

The Venus Retrograde period has benefits.

It’s a good time to find new ways to bring beauty back into our lives as well as our surroundings. A push to literally look around and see what truly makes us happy surfaces. Adding new beauty elements (such as art or new decorative features) in our homes is something some of us could be prompted to do. Breathing new life into something old would also serve us well here.

Relationships can be strengthened and the potential to get to the heart of the matter really surfaces. Closure with old lovers of the past could finally come about. This type of resolution is crucial in order to move forward and open ourselves up to the potential of meeting something new.

When it comes to the potential of new love, something very special happens the moment Venus begins to turn direct.

Finding true love and getting in touch with what we really want becomes possible at this point. The key to Venus Retrograde is getting in touch with ourselves first and then being open to all those wonderful possibilities.

It is ok to feel less social as we move through this period. It’s a time to go inward and see who’s there for us and who isn’t. The truth of the matter is that karma is calling—because it needs to. Some of us are not seeing things in the way we need to and the universe is stepping in to even out the scales.

Get ready to connect and be entranced by all that Venus has to reveal during this out of the ordinary time. It’s a mystical, magical and important period that doesn’t come around all that often.

I have no doubt that many of us will feel much differently about certain relationships and ourselves by the end of it. The karmic wheel is about to start turning. Take advantage of the awareness and look forward to some important turning points as we see our way through the karmic maze.

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