*** Virgo New/dark moon & Autumn Equinox sessions NOW available ****

**** Woo Work News ****

Virgo New Moon and Autumn Equinox readings/sessions NOW available!!!

This week is a BIG week since today/tonight is the Virgo new/dark moon portal ~ Autumn Equinox comes this Friday ~ AND the Jewish New year-Rosh Hashnah happens this week as well. So much energy swirling around!

If you find your self in need of woo work support with your current paths unfolding during this week/weekend ~ then please do reach out to me!

My rates are reasonable as well as sessions are available via in-person (Toronto, Canada!!!) and long distance (online). Please book sooner than later since my availability has certain windows open, timing wise. Thankees for understanding and the flexibility!

Heres my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

My Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services

My Facebook (secret) group: Spirit Oracle

Im looking forward to co creating some healing work space with yall ~ Blessings ~


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