*** Vulnerability Post ~ pay what you can New Moon Virgo readings!! ***


~ Vulnerability Post + Pay What You Can (PWYC) New Moon in Virgo readings $30 to $100 ~

Just checking in to share something truly vulnerable for me since this is something that happened back in July 2019 and I’m now experiencing the real life effect-results of that decision that i made with a risk. It was a moment of challenge among other factors when i made that decision. In retrospect, I could’ve done better decision making  and that is one of many things I’m taking away from this current situation I’m in due to that.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to be vulnerable and to ask for community support as I’m currently dealing with this ~ by offering PWYC ~ pay what you can ~ $30 to $100 new moon in Virgo readings! Y’all can get your orders in at my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com (via the contact form), woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and/or DM (direct message) via my Instagram: @heartofoak8 …..

All the community support is more than welcomed here with this by me in this especially right now since it is a necessary, essential, and very vulnerable Ask which i am bringing here ~ since it is actually having a BIG real life effect on me and it is a situation that needs to be resolved ASAP. I wouldn’t be sharing this if it was not necessary.

This is also a really good reminder to me to recognize the pattern of hustle vs align ~ where I’ve felt from time to time (and recently again) that i need and/or have needed to hustle instead of aligning ~ that pattern is no longer sustainable to me in many ways. I actively choose to ground more into the intentions of rooting, trusting, and growing more with ALIGN ~ that energy to manifest…. and discovering more of a balance with ALIGNMENT…. That is part of the current unfolding Virgo new moon space for me at this time.


What are some of the things y’all have been noticing with this current Virgo New Moon? Please feel welcome to share in the comments, if that feels resonant. Thankees and New moon blessings!

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