Waning Cancer moon ~ soon to transit into Leo tomorrow ~

Its the Cancer waning moon right now ~ LOTS of big energy surging and flowing around ~ as we will be diving into the dark new moon (Leo) on sunday this weekend ~

What a wild wave we are riding right now, dear ones….

Be gentle, kind, nuturing, and compassionate as much as possible with your selves and with each other right now and throughout this weekend/next week….

do whatever grounding practices hold you steady: baths, smudging, cozy blanket space, making art, journaling, etc.

Moonstone is really great (especially during Cancer moon phase times) and offers deep clarifying medicine in the midst of emotional turbulence, etc.

If you feel booking a reading/session with me via in-person and/or online would be part of your current support needed at this time, then please do consider!

Im available ~ and offering readings/sessions all this weekend and into next week ~ as we approach this dark new Leo new moon on sunday….

Please inquire within for rates, etc.

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

Sending peace, light, gentle compassion, and grounding vibes to all who can use this right now. Blessings.


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