*waning moon in Scorpio * this wkend ~ thurs to sunday

If youre looking to do cord cutting rituals and/or other kinds of releasing/purging rituals, then Scorpio moon especially during the Waning moon space is excellent time for doing permanent related releasings, clearing outs, and purging. Remember each moon sign has a different kind of energy vibrating with the phases…. so keep this in mind while preparing your intentions, etc.

If youd like some support with this kind of work, then please do book a session and/or ask for a consultation with me! My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com



The photo art is by Planets by Zoe. You can find their information via Facebook (social media).


Please be gentle with your selves during this Scorpio waning moon ~ it is important since this is a intense DEEP energy with Scorpio.


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