waning+wishing moon and new moon coming ~

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The first and third photos are shared via social media (Facebook, in this case) via Planet News by Zoe. I appreciated the insights written by them and felt nudged to share along. The second photo (in the middle) is shared via Planet News by Zoe and originally via Intuitive (or Conscious) Astrology, i believe. Their new moon in leo insights really resonated with me as well so I figured, why not share as well? 🙂

This coming new moon in leo on Tuesday, 2nd aug, will be a powerhouse due to it also being a lunar eclipse day too. BIG energy moving through, not just because of these two planets ~ other planets are being activated deeper and shifting with vibrations being felt in the here and NOW big time. Uranus is one of the several planets to be watching especially right now, including venus, saturn, and mercury.


Im grateful and excited to be announcing that I will be travelling overnight the 2nd August ~ to where next? Toronto, Canada! I was able to purchase my ticket online super early this morning and I will be arriving to Toronto, Canada by time 1:10pm on Wednesday, 3rd August. Whoo hoo!!

There will be a post specifically sharing about that very soon.


In the meanwhile, please be gentle and compassionate with your selves this weekend til the new moon comes on tuesday. Blessings and peace.


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