*** welcoming in Beltaine and a new season tomorrow *** offering sessions!!

Tis May Eve ~ the night before Beltaine Day tomorrow ~ beginning of summer as per the Pagan Calendar ~

Blessed May Eve ~ opening Magicky portals to a new season unfolding…. Magickyness afoot! 😉


Beltaine ~ Full Moon (may 11th/12th) ~ and other types of readings/sessions/services available NOW!!!

Theres been SO much cosmic energy flowing ~ WOW. If you could benefit from a woo work session with me and/or want to gift a session to someone in your life, then please do book PRONTO with me ~ sooner the better!

For fees, payment options, etc ~ inquire within!

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

Facebook (secret) group: Spirit Oracle

Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services


Blessings be ~ *whoooosh Fae dust, sparkle*


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