Whale medicine musings

Card for Orca Magick with number 43

As a continuation to the recent post where I shared a bit about whale medicine, I felt called to share from my shapeshifter oracle cards re. one of the cards from that deck. It’s titled orca magick, the akashice records open. This card is numbered 43.

Orca Magick card:
Orcas are the brilliant, physical, living reservoirs of Earth and galactic history. They’re the carriers of “wizards on their backs” according to Norse myth, meaning they carry the great sage lines of transformation and transmutation, and can pass this lore along. They hold this history in the patterns of their ancient songs. One day we will translate the songs and understand our own past times.

Their bodies, those huge, resonating cavities, store the history of the planet herself. They travel the world’s oceans, singing, clearing, and awakening the energy grid again and again, preserving, reviving, renewing ancestral lines that need to be in place for this planet to be whole and well, now and in the future.

For many peoples on the planet, the ancestors are the whales themselves. We came and evolved from the sea. Her health and the health of her creatures is vital to everything here on this blue and green planet. By re enacting the worship and reverence for the Orca; the whale who is hunter – rather than the hunted – we will reclaim our birthrights, the star people will return, and the world will be a blend of the indigenous and the galactic that will have peace and harmony forever.

Earth is currently undergoing a vast initiation. Some have called this ascension, although what it truly is has nothing to do with high or low; but with integration of more dimensions, fully awakening your DNA, and charging your auric field to a more powerful capacity. Healing, materializing into new forms, and creativity will be greatly enhanced at this time. We are observing you from afar and this crossing point is approaching. The whales hold all the knowledge of the star people from time eternal, and as these great cetaceans begin to flourish, you will allow the gateways to open and the star-being within your own soul to flourish.

This entire planet’s health, well-being, stability, and structure depend on the whales. You have begun the process, but it is the orca who must next be respected, honored, and allowed to live- for your life depends on its freedom and flourishing too.

The whales are a key to unlocking the mysteries of the past history of the planet, including the times of Lemuria, Atlantis, and of the off-planet origins of some life on this planet. When this being comes to you, you’re being given a strong message that you’re the keeper of Galactic mysteries and you have a strong star person connection. They are strongly connected to the growing need to connect to the galactic web, which we are a strong and vital part of.

In order to receive their message, you must allow yourself to hear their song and learn more of the ancient times. When this being appears, it is time to take yourself outside at night and gaze up into the night sky. Learn about the constellations you can view from your home. Tune in to the worlds beyond this world, and ask that they connect with you in he’s,think ways.

Listening to whale song can also help heal any physical ailments you may have – simply listening to a recording of their song can be healing for you at this time. They can also assist with intergalactic travel ( without physically leaving the planet), seal and repair any wounds or tears in your energy field, and return to you the parts of your soul that you may be unaware are even missing.


The numbers 3 and 4, if added together – they make the number 7. For me, the number 7 resonates with abundance of all forms, increase, expansion, money, prosperity, wealth among many other things.

The number 3 itself…. That’s a magic drenched number: representing the maiden-mother-crone aspects of the Goddess/sacred Feminine as well as the young man- lover/father-wizard/sage of the sacred Masculine aspects.

The number 4, that resonates to the medicine wheel, the four directions : north, east, south, and west- as well as the elements for each direction.

All these have powerful vibrations of energy of sure; so, when the two numbers are combined to make one whole number, then the stronger, deeper energy resonance of that number will amplify and/or catalyze a space to activate or grow or split open, etc.

On a different note, The ancestors have been feeling mighty close with me as well. I feel grateful that I’m having the opportunity to learn a Cherokee song that’s been given/descended from the east band Cherokee medicine singers. I feel, in this learning, I am being given the opportunity to connect with some of my east Cherokee ancestors, even if I haven’t met any of them. I feel them anyway, and thee is a feeling perhaps some of them walked the Trail of Tears. Very heart wrenching for me to think about.

I also got word that my woo tat ink artist is almost done with the drawing for the new tattoo I’ve been waiting to start with him. The plant medicines! I’m curious to see how the drawing draft looks like; I got word that it’s a bit bigger than originally thought to be. Hmm. I wonder if that means the need to shift where it will be placed on my body? Not sure. Should be interesting to find out! I feel grateful and it feels right to start the ink woo plant medicines-wise after I’m back from Naraya.

That’s my thiughts for now. More soon!
Mr. Thorne

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