Wild trust and Raven/crow medicine part 2

Hello folx,

Indeed, a lot has happened and still is in its unfolding out there. This intense cosmic energy …. Phew! Extra compassion with my Self and other Selves is one of the several most important keys, especially right now. I’m feeling truly grateful for those who have reached out already today so far with me. Their words and presences are much appreciated! I wonder what magicks await to be unfolded today still? I approach today with a open heart, wild trust and choosing to trust that I’m Held in the surest sense by the Universe.

Im grateful for the continuous affirmations that the offerings of magicks and healings I bring out into the world are much needed & valued by those who truly need them. I’m grateful for the opportunities that are coming into happening and the synchronizing of timing as the stars align for them to manifest. I’m grateful for the income flow moving into steady, deep sustaining Abundance with this work, these Callings I bring out into the world. I look forward to witnessing how this Deeper Magick shall unfold. I welcome in ALL forms of Abundance, income, sustainability, and sure-footed & sure-rootedness that is unfolding with this journey of Wild Trust ……

Bird medicines continue to be in the flow of consciousness and thought and feeling for me these days. I felt called to share the infos from my animal knowledge tarot cards – I call them my animal medicine cards with affection. 😉

Anyway… Here’s both the Raven and Crow cards info shared below. Enjoy and I hope it resonates with you as it does in a Deeper way currently with my self….


symbology: creation, magic, illumination

summary – The raven is frequently associated with powerful magic and omens. It’s symbolism parallels that of the coyote and the rabbit in Native American myths, and it is worshipped as a deity. The Haida and Tlinglt peoples of western Canada and Alaska revered the raven as a hero and a helper of human beings, a role reflected in the bird’s prominent position in the totems of the Northwest. The raven is believed to have placed the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, bringing light to the people both day and night.



symbology: renewal, transformation, magic, abundance

summary  – Like the raven, with which it is often synonymous, the crow wields powerful magic. In Native American myths, the crow restores order to the heavens; a Sioux belief links the crow to abundance and prosperity.

One legend tells of a white crow that warns the buffalo every time when hunters approach. This leads to hunger and starvation, and the crow is eventually captured by the hunters and thrown into a fire. But it escapes before being completely burned, being only blackened by the flames; black becomes its permanent color.

As the crow flees, it promises never to warn the buffalo of approaching hunters again. The crow is thus a kind of Phoenix that rises from the ashes, symbolizing renewal, transformation, and the promise of abundance.


This is my thought for today. More thoughts will come soon. I will be leaving town (Portland, OR) on Friday and returning back on Monday. Please know my phone will be turned off due to being in gathering space during that time as well as my phone will be turned back on Monday. Please be patient with any delays in response. Many gratitudes and have a renewing, peaceful, grounded new moon+eclipse weekend  this weekend!

All blessings,

-mr. Thorne


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