Wild trust, continued….

Hullo folx!

Yesterday was a challenging, intense day and evening for varying reasons. I’m feeling grateful for everyone who’s reached out to me recently – it has definitely been such a big support as I’m going through some deep shifting and brewings which are currently unfolding. Today has turned to be a better day in some really good ways! So grateful for it and appreciating the ebbs, tides, and flows of the unfolding a right now.

This quote really hit home in a deep way with me just now and felt called to share it with y’all….

“May you say yes to the adventures that scare you and emerge from the darkness transformed.”

This feels like a resonance of a Deeper Wild trust that I’m rooting deeper with currently and choosing to say YES to the Universe, trusting that the Universe has some pretty radical and super magical happenings in store for me.

The more I’m allowing myself to say YES, to trust the Universe to catch me… in my doing this –  I’m inviting more Abundance, more Manifestimg, more Magick to happen. There is balance of course in the words of YES and no. It feels really good to say YES right now even if it’s hella scary at times in not knowing completely how everything will align or turn out… Still, I choose to trust that the Universe DOES have my back and is Manifesting exactly what I need, even as I am typing this blog post.

Magick IS real. I believe this with my whole heart. I trust that exactly what I need, want, desire and envision ALL are on their way into Manifesting, even as I type this.


There are some pretty big and intense cosmic energies brewing out there. Self care is super important right now, especially right now. Mercury is retrograde in libra now until 9th or so of October. Triple check all forms of communications. Breathe and don’t worry if transportation, travels, plans are changed or delayed at the last minute. Remember that the retrograde cycle are all about the “RE’s”…… Re-do, Re-check, Re-cycle, Re-vise, etc…..

Trust. Breathe. Do what you can and let the other things fall where they will. Don’t take anything personal. Practice self care, healthy boundaries, clear communication with heart centered space. Receive and let your self be delighted with what Magicks will manifest during this retrograde cycle.

All blessings,


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