*winds of change among other things…. *

Hello my dears, tribe, community, allies, etc….
I know its been awhile since there’s been active posting on here. Much much much has been going on in my world for a long time now. I really appreciate your patience and understanding with this, indeed!

One of the changes: I no longer am using journeys with briar rose as my woo work company name. It evolved over time and felt right to allow time until ready to become manifested. Now it is and has been for a while now…. without much ado…. Spirit Oracle!


Please know I dearly hold and cherish deeply the magicks of what I learned walking with both the names dianas bow alchemy and journeys with briar rose. These former names for my woo work have been contemplated on, appreciated, and let go with gratitude.


Spirit Oracle, why? Well, that will be shared in part with my next post to come soon!

For now, consider this a hello again and let’s connect!
Bright blessings,
Thorne aka crowsong oakheart

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