Winter season and reindeer/caribou/deer…..

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I’ve been contemplating and feeling into the symbology and archetypes of caribou, deer, and reindeer… Perfect timing actually, I feel. Winter season is all about the Deepening, going within the Self, gestating and incubating, envisioning, among many other threads connected with this time.

One thing I learned from a event I attended a while ago  – held by Ingrid Kincaid – she talked about how the Sami people follow the reindeer and how the reindeer migrate. One thing the reindeer do when they can’t find the way is to do this: stop, smell the wind, figure out where the wind is blowing, then follow that direction.

That is a very good reminder especially in the hustle and bustle of this ‘busy’ muggle winter holiday season – stop, checkin with the Self, ask what’s needed truly instead of what’s thought to be needed, then do that.

It’s always good to be observing what animals are crossing our paths and noticing what may be the message they’re bringing to you. It can be a obvious feeling or a very subtle message that comes and go. It can happen in dream time. If an animal comes along your path or the message comes three times, then definitely that’s something to clearly pay attention with.

I recently read an article written about the Reindeer Mother Goddess. It resonated in depth with me due to so much attention being given to the male perspective of the winter holiday ie. Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and other aspects. It is important to keep the balance of the feminine and masculine in mind and heart.

Reindeer are also mentioned in the commentary referring to how the Siberian and/or the Sami indigenous peoples observed the reindeer consuming the well known mushroom that is red and white colored and/or figuring out the potency of the mushroom via the reindeer urine in the white snow, consuming that then experiencing journey with that medicine. Another way the indigenous people of that culture work with it – drying out the mushrooms, making medicine, filtering it out with the internal physical body ie. Waste system, then doing journey work.

There are other thoughts I have with this context related topic. I will add more to this soon!

Blessed new moon and may it be a wonderful magic portal!

-mr. Thorne

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