Winter Solstice beckons …..

Hey yall,

Winter Solstice beckons! For me, this is both a bittersweet and magical portal of non-linear time. I’m not sure exactly what I will do for solstice festivities. It’ll be simple for sure. Of course, I must bring in the greens ie. Holly, mistletoe, etc.

Rune cookies will be on my list of treats to make for this time. Yum!

****** Gentle reminder ******* …. I will NOT be available for readings/sessions during 19th-21st December. That will be my Solstice observance time.

After that, I will be available for readings/sessions into the calendar New Year 2016!

If you’re still searching for that perfect Solstice gift for your self or another person, then please do consider purchasing one or more of the services I offer!

I look forward to co-creating wonderful magicks with you!


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