Wolf medicine speaks today


I found a paper slip with an amazing written piece on it and wanted to share it with y’all…

wolf prayer/blessing:

Follow me down the path/I will walk beside you/ Guiding and showing  you the way

I will not leave you

I will be standing on the path watching you

If you ever feel alone/Close your eyes/

You will see six sets of footprints

Two belonging to you, Four to me,

Then you will know I have not left you.

I will be there to guide you, whenever you need.


Two of my shapeshifter oracle deck cards resonated deeply with me today and I wanted to share. Both have wolf medicine connections. That felt right in aligning with the wolf blessing which I typed above. The first card is titled Wolf Moon and the second one is Little Wolf Girl. Both cards have the full moon phase shown in these cards. Again, feels like synchronicity in some ways with the soon arriving lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra.

In the first card, the full moon looks like there’s a haze around it, like a moon dog visual. The second card shows the full moon clearly without a haze around it.

Divination from first card:

You may feel drawn to creating a symbol, getting a tattoo, experimenting with kohl, or having a symbol worked into a talisman or protective piece of jewelry that will help you and protect and support you. You have the guardianship of the wolf  for now. It is safe to rest for a time. Your time to shelter your guardian family will come. The coming full moon is significant for you… You are changing and your true family will support you through this shift. This is a time for courage. When you approach this change with a brave heart, all will be well.

Divination from second card:

Little Wolf Girl speaks: I am alone. This is a good thing. I am not sorry for my solitude. I will defy boundaries, expectations, and labels others wish to place on me. For this moment, I stand alone. I am by myself. And that is all right. I am changing. By myself, I can change without influence. Perhaps, you are changing too. Like me, you’re like a tree with its bark or a snake with its skin, and you’re shaking off the dusty too tight skin of the past, of your exile from the world of nature, and most of all, of the words others have described you with. You’re awakening from a prison of conditioning and thought, and freeing yourself for a future of true, authentic, powerful, blissful – and sometimes testing – times and lives.

You are changing. Your new sensitivity will help many people connect more to the physical world, which is continually feeding us with imagery, energy, and messages. But, before we can achieve great things, we must change, even if the only Change is to choose the courage to be alone.


the second card has the number 18 on it; if added together, then it makes the number 9. For me, the number 9 resonates of a old cycle dying and a new cycle birthing within each other. Also, the number 3 timed three times makes the number 9. The number 3 in itself is sacred and strong magic – reflecting the triple goddess aspects: maiden, mother, crone/wise woman/grandmother…. As well as the triple aspects of the sacred masculine: young man/lover, father, sage/wise man/wizard.


Both cards resonated with me in different ways… The first one in indicating change is coming – I will be starting a new tattoo ink project later this week/weekend, that is – if the drawing reflects all what I want  in it…. This new tattoo project will focus on working deeper with certain dark plant medicines… All part of what’s unfolding currently for me along the magickal path…. as well as the choice of approaching this Deepening of magick as well everything else I’m currently in tandem with a brave heart.

The second card resonated in the ways of assuring and giving me comfort that it is okay to be alone. That I’m not completely alone. That I’m held and protected as I’m going through my journey right now in with varying levels of healing and heart growing-stretching open… That this solitude is essential for me to be able to give my energy body the nourishing it needs among other things related to my healing from this recent car breakin experience. That it is more than ok to allow myself to be with the part of myself that isn’t ready yet to clear and cleanse my car spaces. There are medicines to be made from this space, indeed.


Thats all for now. More thoughts soon.

Blessings be!

mr. Thorne



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