**** woo work gift certificates available NOW ****


*** hey yall wonderful and lovely folx!! ***

Ive got woo work gift certificates all printed and ready for customizing!

If youd like to gift yourself a woo work session/reading and/or gift one to someone else, then please do by all means feel welcome to order one or more! 😉

One gift certificate = $20, two for $40, three for $60 and so on…. please do order up while theyre hot off the press 😉

This is perfect as a gift idea especially with the around the corner new moon in scorpio and samhain/ancestors day woo portals … just sayin! 😉

P.S. I will have a fresh batch ready for Winter Solstice in december as well ~ so dont worry if you miss out this time <3

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com
Facebook group: Spirit Oracle
Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services


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