*** Woo Work Gift Certificates Ready @ Clary Sage Herbarium ***

*** Hello y’all lovely folx!! ***

Good afternoon ~ This is exciting news I’ve got to share! Yesterday, June 4th 2019, I dropped off SEVEN woo work gift certificates to Clary Sage Herbarium! They’re ready there for purchase ~ CASH or CHECK basis only. That’s my community agreement with this lovely shop ~ so please honor that; thankees much indeed!

This feels like a HUGE step forward for me and my woo work livelihood paths since I’ve not yet up to now found a local Portland Oregon spot where I had felt it would be resonant to offering my items for purchase there. I’m truly appreciative of their kind welcome and here’s to more ABUNDANCE flowing in with this stepping up 🙂

And ~ if y’all are new to my website, then the picture (in the top of the three above) is yours truly, me, Thorne! Pleased to meet y’all 🙂

Waxing crescent moon blessings ~ More news coming soon! <3

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