Woo work new website update!

Hey y’all!

the jet pack as part of the pieces needed for finishing the new site was activated recently! Yayeeee! Sooooo close to getting it all done with the amazing tech-savvy-skills of Filipe Fonseca!! I truly hope the new site will be launched before the end of December. We’ll see….

As I’ll be gearing into a BIG transition next week…. Meaning what? Moving outta my current Portland house (where I’ve loved living here for almost 4years-ish…. Rare for me to stay in one pla ce for too long, the Gemini sun that I am… Lol…) Though…. This house, yeah, it has had a very very very dear place in my heart. Now, it’s time to move on forward on the path that’s been calling for too long! It’ll be quite a transition since I’m gonna be moving outta house living space into temporary float-crash spaces …. While at the same time, sorting out stuff around the manifestation of my envisioning of gypsy traveler caravan home on wheels of some sort…. This is a paramount step forward into my embodying more of the nomadic lyfestyle so I’m bald to become more accessible to peoples and places who need my magicks and medicines which I offer in service.

this is a exciting step for me to take; yes, I’m gonna be honest: I’ve had my moments of freaking out, feeling a lack of confidence, worrying if I can’t handle this change, etc…. Right now, I’m in a totally different mind-heart-spirit-body space. I’ve been working in super Deep ways re. Unravelling threads around fear, insecurity, and more. I’ve been working Deeply in claiming confidence, that YES I’m more than worthy and deserving of this traveler gypsy caravan home I’ve been calling-envisioning into manifest, that YES I’m more than deserving to be able and accessible to/with places and folx who need the medicines and magicks I offer in Service. I’ve also been working with the uncomfortable feeling that I will need to take on more of a social media visibility in some new ways. All this hasn’t been easy work, by far…!!

I’m truly and deeply grateful to Spirit and the Universe for catching me always, reminding that YES I’m deserving and worthy of this unfolding cycle that is coming through already… My heart feels full of gratitude for Jasmin Soleil and her mentorship – such a magick drenched experience thus far and I look forward to more unfolding!!

ive also asked my dear friend, Daniel, to re-vamp my business card to reflect the changes that are in progress ie. new woo work website address, etc.

when more comes up to surface, I’ll write more. In the meanwhile, blessings of the winter holydays season!

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