*** Woo Work News Update *** stone kit for clients available! ***

*** Woo Work News Update ***

This is the first (of many in the future, hopefully! 😉) magikal kit I’m sending out today ~ in the post mail ~ to a client!

There are stones in this kit which have been cured with salt, moon, and sun infused water on my windowsill as well as cleansed/blessed with sage, Palo santo, sweetgrass, and pine. I’ve included a description of the stones’ meanings and my business cards. I purchased the stones from a local witchy and healing shop (sea+grape) here at portland, Oregon.

I’m grateful to be doing service and healing work which I LOVE!

If you’re curious about this service/product among my other woo work offerings, then please do check out my website: www.spiritoracle.com and inquire through there to me about this!

Also, please feel welcome to DM me directly via Facebook messenger to inquire about this in particular.

If you’re curious about what other offerings I have, then I am available for 15 to 30 minute FREE consults! These consults can be done via messenger, text message, email, and/or video chat (Zoom or FaceTime).

Blessings of this waxing sickle to crescent moon!


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