*** Woo Work News *** update/checkin!

*** Woo Work News ***

Autumn Equinox has unfolded and we are still feeling into the BIG Deepening tides, ebbs, and flows of this recent Virgo new moon too…

We are approaching October already just around the corner ~ and the Hunters Moon, 5th October, Full moon beckoning …..

Im currently still at Toronto, Canada ~ available for in person readings if thats the case!! 😉 … then whats next? The winds are sending me on a whirlwind start return usa travels wise… first, to NYC, then to DC, then to Sacramento/Bay Area, CA…. i will be thereabouts Sac/Bay Area for couple days… prior to going north to portland, oregon….

Have you been feeling into some pretty big stuff? Need some guidance, grounding, support, clarity, ritual/ceremony, etc?

Please do book a session (both ~ long distance and in-person) with me… the sooner, the better!

Please inquire within regarding to questions, rates, etc.

Heres my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

My Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services

I look forward to co creating some lovely magick with yall!

Blessings ~



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