woo work tech expansion a bit!

Hullo folx!

I was able to receive a keyboard which is bluetooth wired and connected with my ipad via the assistance of T-mobile. That was when at the same time I got my upgraded phone, thanks to my being eligible through my online T-mobile account! It is a super BIG blessing in both of those tech  instruments being made possible and thankee you Universe! It was overdue anyway for a upgraded phone since i did need a better phone; one that has better capability with text-messaging, etc.

Im also grateful for the excellent customer service which i received from the T-mobile employee who assisted me with all these tech upgrades! If not for his friendly warmth and patience, then it wouldve been more of a frustrating experience for me. His efforts were much much much appeciated by me, especially due to my being a Deaf customer and my needs with Deaf-friendly electronic tools.

In fact, Im using the keyboard at this very minute typing this post. 🙂


Knowing myself to be anxious with social media stuff and/or tech stuff, this was a really good challenge for me to get out of my box and face my anxiety with compassion and love while choosing to be open to new possibilities which can be good and bring more abundance!

Change isnt always easy for me and my natal Cancer moon; thats a fact. What has changed for me? Making the actual choice to recognize that while not getting frozen up in the anxiety or fear with the intensity of changes and shiftings unfolding.

It is a on going journey for me in that and always learning new lessons around this. Im thankful actually for the lessons and being able to work through these moments… AND ive noticed i actually feel more held in those moments especially when i feel REAL palpable sensitivity and kindness coming from others who understand how it can be with not only related to the adjustments of technology. It can be relevant to ANY area of life indeed. Feeling that specific resonance of sensitivity and compassion actually is supportive to my processes of letting go of that fear, anxiety, etc and being open more with curiosity in a slow, steady, proactive way.

This also gives the countless opportunity to free up space around old stories to be released, go deeper with that work – even if it may be intense at times *wry chuckle* –  and call in new space to be created around choice, energy, and what I want to call into being manifest.


More posts will come soon!



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