*** Wootastical Checkin ***

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Just a quick checkin:

happy 2020! We are in the very first few days of January 2020 ~ I was terribly sick on January 1st and since then slowly yet steadily recovering. Please be patient and thanks for the understanding in the delay of my responding to your messages if y’all have reached out while i was sick and now recouping. It’s much appreciated!

I was interviewed by Laureli Shimayo yesterday ~  (FRIDAY), January 3rd, 2020 ~ for vendor interview with ASL interpreter access included. It was a honor to be interviewed and I’m grateful for this opportunity to take a step up with visibility for my woo work! The link is now up at the MeWeFair website! A transcript will be included with the video, per efforts from the ASL interpreter; thanks to all involved! 🙂

NEXT weekend, January 11-12th, 2020: I’ll be vending my woo readings etc at the MeWeFair ~ TWO days of wellness and healing! C’mon and check it out! I’d love to connect with y’all there 🙂

AND!! Just a quick reminder on this…. I’m still accepting NEW clients for the chakra mentoring program levels 1, 2, 3 ~ please note: the deadline for expressing interest for that is by January 31st, 2020 at Time 12 midnight AM/PM pacific standard time (PST) ~ then it will be closed. Official registration/payments are to be taken care of during Imbolc (February 1-3rd, 2020) then the journey begins! All sessions through this program are Deaf/ASL accessible/friendly.

That’s the news at this moment …. more to come very soon!

~ Waxing moon blessings ~

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