***** Wootastical Checkin *****

Hello folx,

Thorne here from Spirit Oracle checking in. I felt nudged to share two things that I’ve been trying to get back in with rhythm for daily/morning/daytime practices as I wake and greet the new day…

Image Credit: (website) the 7wisdom ways ~ article link ~ https://7wisdoms.org/chakras/chakra-symbols/


the first one is: checking in with my chakras and meditating with them ~ feeling into if any energy needs to be released and then feeling grounded ready for the new day; kinda like doing a energetic body scan ~ then the second one is: pulling a few cards from Sarah Prout’s Dear Universe deck. These cards are like affirmations/mantras.

I’ll be honest ~ it’s not been easy in trying to figure out what does my structure/routine feel and look like for each day during the week. I’m still slowly steadily figuring it out day by day. I’ve found that it’s helpful for me in opening my windows at least once a day so some fresh air can come into my studio space. Also, using smudge/ smoke medicine every once in a while has definitely felt great to do.

What are the activities that have felt grounding and soothing for y’all during this time of corvid 19 pandemic?


Stay safe out there, wash your hands, and stay well ~

More thoughts soon! 🙏✨✨✨✨🌌🌈

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