*** Wootastical Checkin ***

How are y’all doing today? I sure am still feeling the rippling effects from this most recent Capricorn new moon + solar eclipse (12/25+26/2019)…. still in my jammies and taking it easy mellow paced today….

SO much cosmic energy swirling for sure!! This is a huge magic liminal space for both resting up/grounding into what’s being needed to release, let go of, and shift around as well as for creating space for new intentions, ideas, plans, and dreaming up new seeds…

Side note: I decided to gift something to myself ~ these Harry Potter items: the Marauder’s Map journal book, “Dobby is a free elf” socks, and “Free Dobby” mug ~ as a way to recognize to myself that I’m deserving of the good things and so much more! This definitely felt like a good thing to do for myself and brightened up my winter solstice 2019 a bit more 😉 🙂

Hopefully, y’all’s winter solstice/holidays are going well. Please remember to practice self care, grounding rituals, and being kind/gentle with yourselves in the midst of all the holiday and cosmic energy intensity…. <3 *heart*

More news soon ~

Capricorn new moon + solar eclipse blessings!!

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