***WorldFest wrap-up and going south***

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Hullo folx~

These two pics were taken earlier today at the Wonder Love booth where i vended my woo readings by donation at World Fest. Today really was lovely, more than expected or imagined. Wow. So much gratitude and abundance both abound. I was able to keep the donations give by folx who gave dollars and i recieved even more than just money today. I was gifted yummy ice cream as a treat by a woman who i had the delight of reading runes for her and cards for her niece the other day. She came back to the booth earlier tooday and wanted to give something extra, so she decided to treat ice cream for me. That was totally unexpected and such a heart touching gesture for me. Of course, i accepted and oh it was absolutely delicious! Dark chocolate and peanut covered on the outside and mocha flavoring on the inside… yummmm, decadence!

I also had the blessed honor to do two readings for two indiegenous folx who were vending drums and flutes at a booth a bit distance across from my booth ~ their booth was located in the indiegenous village area. Wow craftmanship with their drums and flutes, for sure! There was a drum that called to me and i wasnt sure how itd manifest; again, another blessing happened and i was able to recieve that drum after all ~ such generosity and abundance. wow. grateful indeed!

The Universe definitely kept me busy with readings today and i recieved alot more in return; not just dollars ~ words, stories, holding space, witnessing, etc. wow. Today definitely is one of those days that shows me why i LOVE doing the work i do and why i continue to bring the woo workings i offer into the world out there. Bless these folx and their hearts. Bless yall~

I was asked if id return next year and of course, id love to! Just a matter of logistics, timing, and if Universe calls me back then itll align for the happening of it…. Time will tell…..


Next Destination: Los Angeles/LA, California!

Stay tuned!


~Mr. Thorne

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