*** Year End Transitions 2017 into 2018 ~ Readings/Sessions NOW available ***

(PORTLAND, Oregon and VANCOUVER, Washington folx, get in on this ~ for in person sessions with me… im around now til Jan 5th or so 2018) 😉

We are in the remaining days of 2017 ~ theyre gonna go fast ~ and we are facing the welcoming in of 2018 SOON ~

Its a great way of self care/support to gift your self some healing energy with ritual, ceremony, and/or whatever else that resonates with you at this time. If you feel drawn to book a session with me for this, then that is wonderful!

Id be honored to co-weave magicky space with you and support you in needs with how to let go of this waning calendar year and welcome in the soon arriving to birth-wax new calendar year ~

Heres my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

Please book your session ASAP…. Both long distance AND in-person (Portland OR/Vancouver WA folx, get in on this STAT!) …. Accessible ~ ASL friendly 😉 🙂

Blessings and see you on the flip side!
**whooosh Fae dust, sparkle**

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