Yesterday- Tuesday, 26th August 2014 – what a day….!

Yesterday ended up being a really powerful, intense shifting kinda day. Some tears happened for different reasons. My heart was feeling Wide open, raw, tender, deep currents and Feels moving. Woah. Lots of vulnerability felt. It’s never easy for me when that happens. Wry soft chuckle.

It felt really good to shift attention in getting out of the house, going on a walk, moving my body, meeting new parts of Olympia and being nourished in very caring ways with my Jewish cousin-tribe who ive been staying with since Monday… It also felt oh so good knowing they understand the myriad layers which surrounds a natal Cancerian moon. Phew. So grateful for it.

They showed me the view-scuttlebutt part of Puget Sound, gorgeous view, then we wa  lked along a trail all the way to the north part of the Marina. Along the way, we had moments alternating betwixt talking and quiet. I remember one moment where we were talking about how I feel connected with duck medicine being three-spirit via water, sky, and land. Then, they said, well, there’s fyre as one would consume the duck flesh. I hadn’t thought of that. ( I personally don’t consume meat-products other than fish. I feel fish to be a Spirit medicine food, not strictly food consumption only). Anyhow- it was something new for me to mull over with that thought brought up by them in that specific context.

When finally-pah we arrived at the fancy (what a treat!) place that we were gonna have supper at- I had to laugh at the humor of the Universe, how it works stuff out, why? The name of the restaurant is Hearthfire Grill Restaurant… Caused my heart to feel more stuff tho in a softer wave of ebbs and tides especially with how my perspectives, feels, Attention-shifts surrounding heart, hearth, home, fyre, magicks have been Turning in different subtle yet deeply Felt ways recently… Relationships as well.

Another moment where I had to chuckle at Spirit’s humor/magic; passing by the sign which said Swantown on it. Oy. Another thing that stirred up some deep thoughts, feels, and a cherished moment that was tucked deep into my heart earlier this summer season when I spent some time at the Oregon Coast with a wildsweet Love of mine. He and I have-apparently share swan medicine with each other among many many many other levels which have been clicking loud and Deeeeeeeep in the Heart department. Anyway, ’twas a interesting point of interest when my Jewish cousin-tribe said it is a beauty full thing for them to see how my heart lives in Swantown. Another powerful thought for me to mull over with…

the walk back was lovely as well. Fascinating to feel, experience the transition from being held at the water and Marina area then re-entry back into the near Downtown Oly area. Hmm.

More thoughts later.


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